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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Genealogy Part 13 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

April 08, 1930 Federal Census for Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont regarding Franklin Warren Knight and family.
Household 52-53:
Line 7-Frank W. Knight (Head) "White" age 47, Milk Handler for Steam Railway
Line 8-Ida M. (nee: Geer) (Wife) "White" age 42 -Absent 
Line 9-George W. (Son) "White" age 20 -Absent, Laborer in Stone Shed
Line 10-Howard F. "White" (Son) age 17, Counter (clerk?) in Bobbin and Lumber Mill
Line 11-Stuart G. (Son) age 15
Line 12-Clayton LaRoy Caswell (Brother-in-law) "White" age 35 (half-brother to Ida May nee: Geer)
Clayton Caswell works as a Truck driver for a Bobbin and Lumber Mill
Ruth Sophia (nee: Paquin) (Wife of Clayton L. Caswell) "White" age 31
Francis A. Caswell (Nephew to Ida May nee: Geer) "White" age7 
As follows is documentation the Vital Cards regarding Clayton LaRoy Caswell, etc:
Marriage Record Card for Clayton Laroy Caswell, dated on January25, 1915 in Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont. He was the son of George Albert Caswell and Ada M. Bigelow.
Marriage Record Card for Ruth Sophia (nee: Paquin) Caswell dated on January 25, 1915 in Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont. She was the daughter Eugene Paquin and Rose Williams.
June 05, 1917 World War 1 Draft Registration Card for Clayton LaRoy Caswell, age 22 years. Residence was 14 Bank Court in Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont. His date of birth was August 16, 1895 in West Derby, Orleans County, Vermont. Clayton LaRoy Caswell was by profession a Mechanic Operator for Fellows Gear Shaper Co. in Springfield, Vermont. He was married and indicated his Race was "Caucasian" or white.
Word Ward 1 Draft Registration Card Section 2. Clayton LaRoy Caswell was of medium height, medium build, had blue eyes, brown hair, and he was bald. This Draft Registration Card was stamped June 5, 1917 in Windsor County, Vermont.
World War 2 Draft Registration Card dated April 27 1942 for Clayton LaRoy Caswell. Serial Num. u1824 of North Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont. Mailing address: Box 10 in North Springfield, Vermont. Clayton Caswell was 48 years of age, having been born in West Derby, Vermont on August 16, 1894. Person who would always know Clayton's address was Mrs. Ruth nee: Paquin Caswell (Clayton's wife). Clayton was employed by Jones and Lawson Machine Company at Clinton Street in Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont.
World War 2 Draft Registration Card Section 2 dated April 27, 1942 for Clayton LaRoy Caswell. His Race is shown to be "White". His height is five foot, five and a half inches tall, weighing approximately 160 lbs. and his complexion is "Ruddy," with blue eyes and brown hair. Clayton Caswell has a sear (burn scar) on his middle finger of his left hand.
Birth Record Card for Francis Albert Caswell dated May 31, 1922 in Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont. Francis was the son of Clayton LaRoy Caswell and Ruth Sophia (nee: Paquin) Caswell. Both parents are indicated to be "White."
April 26, 1930 Federal Census for Thetford, Windsor County, Vermont regarding the Leon Royce Jenkins
Household 227-231:
Leon R. Jenkins age 29 (husband)
Marion W. (nee: Waterman) Cook age 29 (wife)
Dorothy M. (daughter) age 4 years, ? months born in N.H.
Jinette ? (daughter) age 2 years, ? months born in Vermont
Marion C. (Corabell) Cook (step-daughter) age 10 years, 11 months
Evelyn L. Cook (step-daughter) age 7 year, 5 months
Herbert A. Waterman (Boarder) age 59
Wesley A. (Board) age 11
Note: Herbert Allen Waterman was born in Hartford, Vermont, the son of John Waterman and Rhoda Bauker (?). Wesley Allen Waterman born February 12, 1919 in Thetford, Windsor County, Vermont, identified as "White" was the son of Herbert Allen Waterman and Abbie (nee: Sargent) Jewell. Abbie Sargent (nee: Sargent) Jewell (a widow) married a 2nd time to Herbert Allen Waterman on June 24, 1916 in Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont, the daughter of Clive Sargent and Simian (nee: Cole).
April 28, 1930 Federal Census for Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont regarding Harry Gilbert Geer and his wife Vera (nee: Little).
Household 274-276:
Line 73-Harry Geer (Head) age 47
Line 74-Vera (nee: Litte) (Wife) age 38
Line 75-James Webber (Boarder) age 35
Line 76-John Casey (Boarder) age 70

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