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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Abenaki Tribal Land Trust, Inc. No. N-7484 Articles of Association Filed December 16, 1991:

Articles of Association of the Abenaki Tribal Land Trust. The name of the corporation shall be Abenaki Tribal Land Trust. The intitial registered agent shall be Homer W. St. Francis with registered agent's address at P.O. Box 276 Swanton, Vermont 05488. The corporation shall be located at Depot Street in Swanton, Vermont 05488. The opening year shall start fiscally on January 01, 1992.
The purpose of this corporation is to lead to the purchase of Land and its up-keep. To help in the legal fee's to obtain such Land, for future Tribal Development.
ABENAKI TRIBAL LAND TRUST P.O. Box 276 in Swanton, Vermont 05488
Phones: 868-2559 - 868-7146 Fax: 802-868-5118.
Chief Homer St. Francis (President) 44 Liberty Swanton in Vermont 05488
Michael Delaney (Secretary) RD#1 Box 2430 in Swanton, Vermont 05488
April A. St. Francis (Treasurer) Frontage Road in Highgate Center, Vermont 05459
David St. Francis 44 Liberty in Swanton, Vermont 05488
Richard Phillips Apt c-12 in Claremont Arms in Claremont, New Hampshire
Hilda Robtoy 17 Greenwich in Swanton, Vermont 05488
Dee Brightstar Wilkins Road in Fairfax, Vermont 05454
Dated at Abenaki Tribal Council in the County of Franklin this 6 day of December 1991.
Each Incorporator must sign:
Sherry L. Vance Apt. #4 Abenaki Acres in Swanton, Vermont 05488
The following information must be completed by PROFESSIONAL CORPORATIONS
In compliance with the Professional Corporation Act (11 V.S.A. Chapter 3) the Abenaki Tribal Council hereby certifies that hte below listed incorporators, officers, directors and shareholders of the Professional Corporation are duly licensed or admitted to practise the profession for which this corporation is to be organized. NOTE: One individual may incorporate, be officer, director and shareholder in a Professional Corporation.
Sherry L. Vance Abenaki Acres in Swanton, Vermont 05488
Carolyn Breda (Financial Officer)
Chief Homer St. Francis

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