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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Step 32 Forward Along The Yellow Brick Road Of The Reinvented Abenakis Of Vermont And New Hampshire; Etc:

Document 01: (Page 01) Dated December 01, 1992 Letter (of resignation?) from Howard Franklin Knight Jr. of Newport, Orleans County, Vermont. Addressed To: Hereditary High Chief; Homer St. Francis, The Abenaki Nation The Council of Elders; Sokoki, Missisquoi, St. Francis Tribal Bands. The Council of Elders; Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribal Band - Abenaki Republic. All Tribal Members; All Tribal Bands. Addressed From: Howard F. Knight Jr. (A.K.A. Chief Rushing Water) Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribal Band - Abenaki Republic. Subject: The Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribal Band; Its Past, Its Present, Its Future.
For centuries, the Coos People, which included the Pennacook, The Androscoggin, the Ossipee, the Pigwackets and the Winnepesarikecs under the Coos umbrella have survived along with the other Western Abenaki Peoples, here in Northern New England, and the Southern Quebec Eastern Townships, in spite of the over-running and stealing of our lands by the European invaders starting in the midde to late 1600's, so that by 1791, those of our ancestors who had survived and remained within our ancient
territorial and jurisdictional area, had no choice as strangers in and on their own land, but to hide their heritage and their cultural roots until recent times.
During the three (3) centuries that followed, we Abenaki survived by closeting our ethnic identity and our cultural heritage (for 300 years?!). In spite of all that occurred to our people during that time, our Tribal Government survived (so it is alleged), even though the Vermont Supreme Court wishes to disregard it, and in the 1930's until the start of WW II, genocide (The Vermont Eugenic's Program?) was attempted against us. It occurred through several mechanisms, traditional in nature to our peoples, to make sure that the day would come when our people would, and could stand proudly once again against the invaders who have raped and pillaged our ancestral homes and lands (Howard F. Knight Jr.'s so-called I.C.C.U./ Independent Coos Clans United, Inc.?).
Within the Coos and associated Bands, as with all of the other Western Abenaki Confederation Tribal Bands; the people reverted to the basic unit of Tribal government which was the Clans (or families, if you will) were run by the Matriarchs (usually the Senior Female) of the Clans who in turn selected the best qualified adult male, regardless of his age, to represent that particular Clan to the outside world and the community around.....
(Notarized by PWP = Paul Wilson Pouliot).

Document 02: (Page 02). them, wherein they lived. He became what is known today as the Clan Chief. Amongst ourselves he was and is a Clan spokesman, the more proper term, but which we today will have a very hard time utilizing due to the influence and necessity of the European based culture wherein we reside.
From time to time these clans would gather together, supposedly (allegedly unbeknownst) to the members of the Anglo-European community around them, as family gatherings and proceed to conduct the Clan, and and/or Tribal business, unknown to the non-native community wherein they lived. It was many times also, at these gatherings, wherein the Tribal Band's future, as well as the preservation of its roots, was determined by the (alleged) Matriarchs exercising their Traditional power. Within these (alleged reinvented) clans, Bands, and Tribal Bands conducting their Traditional business that preserved their future was the best kept secret of the Abenaki peoples, namely arranged marriages, not for love, but for economic, ethnic and Tribal reasons first and foremost, have cound and would come later.
Within the Coos, and associated Bands, as it was with most of the Abenaki groups, all of this and more, was done through (alleged) Oral instructions and orders from one generation to the next. This included the passing down within the Clans various cherished momentos and other Abenaki Clan items to be preserved. The Matriarchal hold over three (3) centuries and the power that they weilded held until shortly after the Korean War in the 1950's when the mobility of society, new economic opprotunities and other general societal changes began to loosen the tight traditional hold of the Matriarchs who had for three (3) centuries perserved the Abenaki culture and heritage as well as the Tribal Government. It was at this point in time that a new chapter of survival began amongst the Coos and the associated Bands, that the Abenaki as a whole, began to travel the road to where they are today.
Approximately twenty-two or twenty-three years ago (late 1969 or early 1970) the Coos descendants, like the rest of their Western Abenaki brothers, began to come together as clans and Bands in Semi-organized fashion and seek the recognition that they deserved, as well as to protect their ethnic heritage and culture, especially since the control of, and by, the Matriarchs was now starting to quickly slip away.
The first person in modern times to be semi-recognized as a Chief of the Awakening Coos Tribal Band was Mr. "Joe" Pero in Thetford Center, Vermont, a World War II veteran from the large Pero family. He is now deceased. This family has been passing..... (Notarized by PWP = Paul Wilson Pouliot).

Document 03: (Page 03) down items in the Abenaki tradition for generations, as well as intermarrying only with certain families, to include but not limited to the following; Hodge, Palmer, Manning, Stevens, Godfrey, Waterman*, Sargent, Rodgers, Fifield, Caswell* , Wilson, Goulet, Cook, Bacon, Parker, LaPierre, Stowell, Gear*,Weed*, Cadwell, Paige, Dodge, Bailey, Bigelow*. Other families related are mentioned in the Thesis by Katherine Botsford, class of 1981, Dartmouth College entitled; Native Vermonters in the Miller Pond Watershed: Heritage and Change May 1989. Some of these families (most of them) have family ties to my own family either on my mother's or my father's side of the families that are involved. In a couple of instances the two side connect. This occurs in both the Stevens and the Fifield lines. To underscore on an even more recent connection between the two lines, one of my twin daughter's, Roberta Rene Knight, who is on Coos Tribal rolls, is engaged to one of the Mannings (Abenaki origins but now 1/2 Abenaki and 1/2 Blackfoot) and has a son (Blake) by this Manning (Bernard). They plan to marry in 1993. My grandson (Blake Manning) is on the Coos Tribal Band rolls also. My other twin daughter, Sheila, is married to a fellow by the name of Wayde Blandin who is 1/2 Mandan Indian. His family originated in Western Missouri. (*family surnames in which Howard F. Knight Jr. has directly or indirect genealogical connections to; of which genealogically-sourced historical and actual ancestral vital records I will be showing and providing on this blog eventually.)
In either 1979 or 1980 some of these families who were descendants of the old Coos/ Cowasuck Tribal Band came together under Richard "Black Horse" Phillips who was the next Coos Chief, formerly from Swanton and Newport, Vermont. About June or July 1980, I joined the Coos Tribal Band and took my seat on the Tribal Council as a Clan Chief representing my family Clan. Suddenly, from "out of the Blue," in the summer of 1983, Chief Richard "Black Horse" resigned. No reason was ever given. At this point, the Tribal Council (as it was Known at the time) to include Alden Palmer - Senior Councilor, elected me me as the Acting Chief because of the reasons that they felt I was able to write clearly, speak to issues with clarity that the others on the Council felt inadequate to do, and probably the most important to them, the fact that I had a college education compared to many who had only a 6-8th grade, maybe a 10th or 11th grade education if they were lucky. I served in the capacity as Acting Chief until October 1989, at which time I was elected to a Seven year term as the Coos Tirbal Chief per the Tribal Band By-Laws by the Council members.
During the period I served as Acting Chief of the Coos Tribal Band, the main issues were in indentifying various families in the Upper Valley area of Vermont and New Hampshire (Orange, Windsor Counties in Vermont and Grafton County, N.H.)......
(Notarized by PWP = Paul Wilson Pouliot).

Document 04: (Page 04). who were Abenaki or of othe Native American ancestry; making sure that the Great falls Hydro Dam Project at Thetford Center, Vermont did not proceed or endanger reported Native American - Abenaki burial sites in close proximity to the proposed project and identify other suspected or known Abenaki sites in the Upper Valley are of Vermont and New Hampshire to be protected.
The one shortcoming of this period of time was that the Tribal records were not maintained as well as they should of been. Many were taken by a Kevin Fletcher who was thrown out of the Coos tribal Band when he refused to provide Tribal documents when requested and also to provide clear and concise genealogy on himself as the Tribal By-Laws stated, and as had been requested. Many of these from the Pero, the Goulet and Bacon families, even some Sargent's and Steven's were members but I only knew a few of them and Mr. Fletcher when thrown out of the Tribal Band, took their records.
In 1989, it was decided that due to the mess of the Tribal rolls and records, the Council would concentrate on a slow growth of membership and get the Tribal rolls in order. In early 1992, it was decided tha the Tribal Band would attempt a more accelerated growth in membership and in the process, we would make sure that our people would not be over looked any more, and that would also declare a Sovereigh suzerain Trust Republic per the Treaties, Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution, PL100-606 (also know as Chapter 50A, the Proxmire Act), the Human Rights Declaration of 1948, to which the U.S. is a signatory and other applicable laws, which the Recontructed Council of the Coos Tribal Band, now known as the Council of Elders, accomplished on 13 June 1992, at Coventry, Vermont on the edge of the old Coos territory and juridictional area.
Since then, or Tribal Band rolls have increased (and they are now in reasonably good order to the best of my knowledge), we have took the bull by the horns and have enjoined in Federal Lawsuits in the Federal Courts to prevent the theft and Genocide of our Children by the "Child Savers" of the several states, wherein the cases involve Abenaki Republic - Nation jurisdiction over its people to prevent the respective states from violating the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978; various applicable Civil Rights laws; to include but not limited of the 4th, the 5th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution; plus 42 USC 1983; 42 USC 1988; Ex Parte Young; Hafer vs. Melo; and that the Abenaki People do have a Trust Relationship with the U.S. Government by Treaty, Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution, the various U.N. Laws and Treatee and other applicable Laws whether the several states like it or not.
(Noatarized by PWP = Paul Wilson Pouliot).

Document 05: (Page 05). In September 1992 (Review and study on this blog the doucments and commnentary regarding Sherrie DeVee-Jinks-LaBat Judiciary case in Eldorado County, CA), Ambassador Roger "Running Elk" Deshanais of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation (who represented Homer St. Francis), and I (Howard F. Knight Jr), went to California to show the courts that the Abenaki people do have a Trust Relationship with the U.S. Government. This action, while we were in California, resulted in a very self-serving, jealous, power-seeking member of the Council of Elders of this Tribal Band who purposefully and did willfully make promises of Sanctuary to Tribal members, and their families, that he was unable to keep and then attempt a Coup of the elected Tribal Band Chief of this Tribal Band, as well as committing other various crimes contrary to the laws of the U.S. Government, the Several States and the Abenaki Peoples. It is on record 3 Oct. 1992 the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribal Council of Elders too immediate action and disassociated this dishonorable individual, one Arthur J. Marchand Jr. of 126 Sterling Street, Worchester, Mass. from this Tribal Band.
Since the 3rd of October 1993, this individual, Arthur J. Marchand, Jr. has tried repeatedly to do dirt to the Abenaki People, the Hereditary High Chief, This Tribal Band and its members and especially to this Tribal Band Chief. Some of the more recent incidents that Arthur J. Marchand has committed are; False affidavits to the F.B.I. against this Tribal Band Chief and its Council of Elders, involving non-native organizations and individuals in his attempts at revenge for being Disassociated from this Tribal Band, interfering in Tribal Band - Abenaki Republic - Nation Federal cases and U.S. Mail deliveries to our Associate Tirbal Judge. Also, he has issured, via various Tribal Band member, death threats against this Tribal Band Chief, of which he has not denied when he has been questioned about them. Considering what is now know about this Individual, it is possible that the Death threats could be attempted, possibly even accomplished, but so be it, if it were to occur. Also he has continually attempted to become the Chief of a new Abenaki group that he has been trying to form, know as the Sokoki-Coos Intertribal Tribal Band and lay claim to the ancient territories of the Sokoki and Coos Tribal Band because he feels that he, and he alone, is more, and better, qualified to be a Chief then the Hereditary High Chief Homer St. Francis, or myself.
This has led to a situation wherein the Coos people who comprise the base of the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribal Band and all those who are now part of this Tribal Band, must, to retain their deserved recognition as Abenaki, and to preserve their Indigenous Native American ethnic roots, when I meet.......
(Notarized by PWP = Paul Wilson Pouliot).

(WARNING: The following sections may be triggering to CULT and ABUSE Survivors)
Document 06: (Page 06). with the Hereditary High Chief, Homer St. Francis, in Swanton, Vermont on 11 December 1992, become an integrated part of the Abenaki Natioin with only one Chief, a unified Council of Elders and a Unified Tribal Identificatioin Card. The Coos name, I've been assured, will continue on a new way, explained further on in this document. For those individuals in positions of authority, some with special talents have already been chosen and shall be contacted by the Hereditary High Chief Homer St. Francis or his authorized Representative and asked to utilize their many talents in an expanded Abenaki Nation Republic. (This reminds one of the Battlestar Gallactica coin phrase "By-Your-Command") I, as your Tribal Band Chief, shall present lists along with individual packets on the selected individuals, from the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribal Band who have these specialized talents and abilities that could, should and probably shall be utilized by the Hereditary High Chief, to him when we meet on 11 Dec. 1992. (Doesn't this all seem just a little too "cultish" and Jim Jones? Well, Homer was the "White Bulger" of Swanton, Howard Jr. was the "Jim Jones" of the Northeast Kingdom....) I will, and I do, give these people a very hearty recommendatioin, and I shall encourage them to utilize their many and varied talents and abilities for the benefit of all of our Abenaki brothers and sisters under the Chieftainship of Homer St. Francis.
Most likely, as I understand the coming changes, this Tribal Band shall continue in a new form. From what I have been told, it shall be known as the Coos Intertirbal Council. The Council Chief's Chair shall always be an Abenaki by an unchangeable (ever) Council By-Law. Each year the Council shall select their new leaders from the present Clans that comprise this Tribal Band. These leaders shall select for election to the Combined Sokoki-Missisquoi-St. Francis-Coos Council of Elders at Swanton, Vermont under Chief Homer St. Francis, at least one, maybe two representatives. (As long as they AGREE with Him and NEVER ever DISAGREE with Him = No dissent is allowed).
With the acceptance of this new Tribal Band/ Council arrangement by this Council of Elders and by the Hereditary Chief, Homer St. Francis I shall then proceed to sign along with Chief Homer St. Francis, the Document of Succession, which will transfer the Chieftainship of the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribal Band to Chief Homer St. Francis. At that point in time, I shall step-down and retire as the Chief of the Coos Tribal Band with the clear satisfaction that though I was not able to accomplish everything that was in the Tribal Band's cooking pot, such as an Abenaki Credit Union or Bank (robbing the Cash and "cooking the books" could be so much easier if these Chief's had their own Abenaki Credit Union or Banks!) , an Abenaki controlled and run Insurance program and resolve the U.S.-Canadian Border issue, I have been able to advance the cause of the Abenaki Republic/ Nation and its People, especially in assisting many of our people to be bold and step forward to........
(Notarized by PWP = Paul Wilson Pouliot).

Document 07: (Page 07). proudly claim their rightful birthright and heritage, as well as helping to prove to the State of Vermont and to the Federal Government that our people have been here in Northern New England all along and also that we are an International Tribe in spite of the recent asinine and arrogant ruling by the so-called learned and recist jurists of the Vermont Supreme Court who say that the "Weight of History" is against us, and which they know to be a bold face lie based on their Unconstitional attempt to created a revised history of the State of Vermont, but of which we Abenaki People know "will not wash" with intelligent educated people of all ethnic origins who seek the truth of the matter.
There is one other accomplishment which I comes to fruitation before my meeting with Chief Homer St. Francis, and which has been filed in the Federal Court in Massachusetts namely the Request for Recognition of the Abenaki Republic/ Nation. This has been filed as a adjunct issue to our case in the same Federal Court. It was filed on 30 Nov 1992 on what is called a 10 day motion, wherein there are three (3) possible out comes. The first is a No decision. The second (2nd) is approval of the Motion by the Court. Lastly, and the third (3rd) possibility is that the Court forgets to act on the Motion for Recognition, wherein due to an act of Omission or Commission or default with the 10 day request period, then by that default of the Court, automatically the Abenaki gain that  prized recognition, a back door way of getting it, but legal all the same. This would be the greatest present that the Coos Tribal Band could present to the Hereditary High Chief, Chief Homer St. Francis, at the upcoming meeting on 11 December 1992 as he takes the Chieftainship of this Coos Tribal Band (will the "present" be gift-wrapped with a bow and tag that reads, "To High Hereditary Chief Homer~with Love, from Chief Howard?). At this point of this document, it is time that I, on behalf of the Coos people, do hereby request that the same rights be given to the incoming Coos people, and myself, that are given to the Abenaki people of the Missisquoi, Sokoki and St. Francis Tribal Bands - Abenaki Nation under Chief Homer St. Francis. (Don't forget to bow down to his Majesty, the High Hereditary Chief Homer St. Francis and or get on your knee's and kiss His hand Howard F. Knight Jr.!).
I wish to state for the record that I have been honored to have met and know all of you, both the oldest and the newest members of this Tribal Band. As to the present Council of Elders of this Tribal Band (The Northeast Woodlands - Coos) to include the Clan Chiefs, the Senior Councilors, The Tribal Legal Officers, Emissaries, Ambassadors, Clan Matriarchs and our Tribal Mother (a very special lady as far as I'm concerned) I wish to commend and to salute ALL of you as people in whom and of whom, I am very, very proud to know and to call friends. (Hey....wait a minute, in that long list of alleged "Abenaki Officials," Cards-Badges and all, Howard forgot to mention the "GRAND Chief's")
Also, I wish to, at this point, make note of the diligence.....
(Notarized by PWP = Paul Wilson Pouliot).

Document 08: (Page 08). and the hard work of Ambassador Roger "Running Elk" Deshanais of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation that he has done for the Coos peoples in the Federal Courts. On behalf of our people, I take this opprotunity to give him a very heartfelt "Thank you" and I believe I am proper in stating also, Thank you my friend.
To all of you, your graciousness, your perseverance and your patience during the recent tough times has been outstanding and you can be very proud of your selves. You have served this Tribal Band, and myself, loyally and with Fidelity, and I now ask your loyalty and dedication now be given unswervingly and without any reservations to Chief Homer St. Francis, as it was so loyally given to me, as well as to the new Representatives that you selevt to lead the new Coos council and to those that you select to stand for election next year to the new Council (Combined) of Elders at Swanton, Vermont, under Chief Homer St. Francis.
On that note I, Chief Howard F. Knight Jr. (A.K.A. Chef Rushing Water) do hereby end this testament of the Coos People and complete this chapter in this never to be completed History of the Coos, and I leave my Blessings for success and good luck pon all those who shall follow. I would remind all that, since 1981, the motto of the Coos people has been; The Impossible we do first, the difficult we do later.
Repsectfully Submitted, (Signed) Chief Howard F. Knight Jr. (A.K.A. Chief Rushing Water).
(Notarized by PWP = Paul Wilson Pouliot).

Whew! Finally the end of The King of the Cowasuck's Farewell Speech.

Document 09: (Page 09). Notary Statement. This document/ testament of the Coos People and Associated Bands is affirmed to be a true and accurate record of the Coos People, Their Traditions, Tribal practices, their Territorial and Jurisdictional area through the centuries, unto the present day, and as to their present day chain of succession and activities as he has understood it, and still follows in practice of the Oral traditions and Written Law of the Abenaki in General, and of the Coos People in particular; This 2nd day December 1992 by Chief Howard F. Knight Jr. (A.K.A. Chief Rushing Water), the Chief of the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribal Band, headquartered presently in Coventry, Vermont.
Paul W. Pouliot (Known as Spirit Hawk) Notary Public. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. County of Norfolk. My Commission Expires December 30, 1994.
(Notarized by PWP = Paul Wilson Pouliot).

NOTE: On December 02, 1992 Paul Wilson Pouliot alleged was elected as Chief of the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band of Abenaki (Howard F. Knight Jr.'s Inc.) ~and~ on this same day, Sherrie DeVee-Kinks-Labat's sister Mary E. (DeVee) Thomason (born Dec. 02, 1964) and Mary's daughter Chantell Thomason born Feb. 16, 1984 applied for Membership into this alleged Cowasuck Abenaki group of Howard's. Apparently Sherrie DeVee was of the Red Turtle Clan. Later, Mary E. DeVee's 2nd husband William J. Bisson born July 27, 1962 would applied for and be accepted into this Paul W. Pouliot group on July 27, 1994. This family of Labat's applied for Citizenship into Howard F. Knight Jr.'s group on July 22, 1992 (the same time as Sherrie DeVee applied)are comprised of Card No. 16C for Nathan J. Labat, born April 16, 1980 (C is for "Citizenship" meaning that the applicant's genealogy was reviewed and accepted by the Council of Elder's and Grand Council) 17C for Mindy J. Labat born October 04, 1982. 19M for Charles W. Labat born April 18, 1938. (M is for "Membership" meaning applicant's merely married to the spouse whose a Citizen with approved genealogy). Their "Cards" were renewed July 01, 1997 and again July of 2002 by Paul W. Pouliot. 185C for Edward A. Labat born June 11, 1968 in California. He applied for Citizenship into Howard F. Knight Jr.s group on September 12, 1992 (when Howard Knight Jr. and Roger were out in California?) and was accepted on December 02, 1992 (the same day that Paul W. Pouliot was alleged elected by Howard F. Knight Jr. and Co., as being their alleged Cowasuck Chief. Edward A. Labat's Cowasuck Inc. Citizenship Card was renewed on December 01, 1997 and again in December 2002 by Paul Wilson Pouliot's alleged Cowasuck Abenaki group.
I'll be putting more documents up the blog related to Sherrie DeVee's 1992-1993 Judicial involvement. Take the dates, take the documents and add all of it together. It all is a pile of Sh** no matter how pretty the flowers smell that these alleged Abenaki groups and their alleged Abenaki Chief's planted along the yellow brick road . ALL of it was created and perpetuated by all these people, self-created and self-promoted so-called "Chief's of the Abenaki" (Homer St. Francis Sr., Howard F. Knight Jr. and Paul Wilson Pouliot) to name just a few here in this commentary. These alleged Abenaki groups and their so-called "representatives" such as Nancy Millette-Doucet were being continuously "validated" seemingly by "prefessionals" John Moody, Kathleen Botsford, Frederick M. Wiseman to name just a few.....but take a deeper and closer look, study or review at the historical, social, and most importantly the genealogical foundations of these alleged and reinvented Abenaki Group's, Chiefs, Speakers and Member's/Citizen's in Vermont and or New Hampshire. It won't be pretty flowers one will smell I assure any one of that!

SO, based on the above written "Statement" by Howard F. Knight Jr. and "Notarized" by Paul Wilson Pouliot himself, page by page....let me remind the readers of this blog, that on November 08, 2009 (link to particular document: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_hqC5V9v2WXg/SwXHh0VdNqI/AAAAAAAABz4/5vlgsz61sxE/s1600/Knight+Letter+From+Eric+Floyd_3.jpg
Howard F. Knight Jr. stated (and I quote) "First off, there is the one who fraudualently filled out an application and stated at the time that he was of "Laurentian Iroquois" lineage, as well as he had the audacity to have MY signature forged , either by himself or some, on his application without my knowing it until years later when he posted it on the Internet as proof that I had accepted him into the band. Soon, thereafter, he, engineered an illegal overthrow of the legal, legitimate and True Coos band leader of the group (none other than Howard F. Knight Jr. speaking about himself), and then he brazenly moved the band headquarters, without proper approval of the citizens of the band, from Vermont to his home in Mass, and then ?"

YES, I can honestly say that Howard F. Knight Jr. wanted his Inc. "toy" back, after he tried first to give it away to Homer St. Francis Sr., and then actually did give it away to Paul W. Pouliot. But Paul Pouliot would not give Howard Knight Jr. back what Howard wanted to keep. Perhaps Howard F. Knight Jr. thought he was merely "loaning" the "Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Incorporated" to Pouliot (in the disguise of allegedly having "health reasons" and or that "the Fed's/Judicial System" was "after him) and after he was "in the clear", Howard F. Knight Jr. wanted his Incorporation and "Cowasuck King's Throne" returned to him. When it wasn't, Howard F. Knight simply created a new Cowasuck Incorporation, claiming that Paul Wilson Pouliot was engineering an overthrow, to "de-throne" His Majesty, Howard Franklin Knight Jr.; etc. It was all about EGO~POWER~and Control.
NOW, go back to what Howard Jr. stated about Arthur Marchand in the late part of 1992 after this whole Stephen and Sherrie DeVee Divorce Child Custody case in California was going on, and compare it to what Howard Jr. stated about Paul W. Pouliot after 1993. Does the story, song and dance seem just a little bit too familiar and similar to each other? Whose lying, whose telling the truth? I am not "defending" Paul Wilson Pouliot herein. Far from it, as I think and conclude that Paul Pouliot comes from the same "whatever", that Homer St. Francis Sr. and Howard F. Knight Jr. (etc.) all come from. If Paul W. Pouliot was part of and supporting manipulators, distortionists, dishonest, deceptive, disrespectful "Chief's" of these various so-called Abenaki groups in Vermont and New Hampshire.........well, my mother always said, "you are the company that you keep."
Maybe they all were and are lying~and there is no truth involved?


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