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Friday, November 20, 2009

Step 21 Forward Along The Yellow Brick Road Of The Reinvented Abenaki Of Vermont And New Hampshire; Etc:

Document 01: Exhibit #10 Supoena Duces Tecum dated January 20, 1993 to Paul Wilson Pouliot by Kathleen Foley, Administrative Assistant of the Corporations Division for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Paul W. Pouliot, a.k.a. Spirit Hawk pursuant Mass. General Laws Chapter 30A section 12. You are hereby commanded to appear before the Corporations Division, Office of the Secretary of State on Tuesday January 26 1993 at 10:00 A.M. and from day to day thereafter until the actin hereinafter named is heard by said Division, to give testimony relating to an Administrative Hearing involving Howard Knight et. al. (Claimant) and Centraleastern Woodland Sokoki Band (Inter-Tribal) Corporation (Respondant), and you are futher required to bring with you: Any and all books, records, correspondence or documents relating to any matter in question in the proceeding, including but not limited to Tribal history, treaties, records and documents relating to the use of the Tribal Name.

One thing they forgot to request Howard Knight Jr or Paul W. Pouliot, or any other Claimant or Respondant to bring with them, was their definitive, valid, clear and convincing genealogical documentary evidence that ANY of them did or do in fact ancestrally descend from the Abenaki of the Coosisak!

Document 02: Exhibit 10 Page 02. Certificate of Service. "This is to certify that on January 20, 1993, I (Kathleen Foley) served the attached Supoena Duces Tecum, by certified mail to the individual listed below: Paul W. Pouliot aka Spirit Hawk Chief of the Coos Band Tribal Council 160 Dailey Drive Franklin, MA 02038-2951.

Howard Franklin Knight Jr. obviously was NOT protesting or saying before or during  the time of January 26, 1993 in the Corporation "Protest" Hearing in Boston, MA that,
1. Paul Pouliot allegedly forged Knight's signature on that Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band Membership/Citizenship Application Pouliot signed and submitting on July 07, 1992 
2. Paul Pouliot wasn't accepted into my alleged Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band
3. Howard Knight was NOT protesting, or complaining or making issue that allegedly Paul W. Pouliot was declaring himself on the Sign-In Sheet, the Supoena, etc that Paul was self-identifying on the record in the company of Howard Knight himself, that he was "Chief" of Howard F. Knight Jr's alleged Cowasuck Abenaki group
4. Howard Knight Jr. was NOT screaming that Paul W. Pouliot allegedly engineered an illegal overthrow of the allegedly legal, allegedly legitimate and allegedly True Coos band leader of the group, and then allegedly brazenly moved the band headquarters, without alleged proper approval of the citizens of the band, from Vermont to Paul Pouliot's home in Massachusetts!

I have to laugh some more!

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