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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some more thoughts on these stupid comments post on this "other" blog Abenaki Pride: Setting the Rocord Straight

MY RESPONSE: You make yourself "Mr. Johnson" more of a fool, than if you were to keep your idiotic misspelling adventures to yourself. First of all, I don't "hide" behind this label of "anonymous" or "Mr. Surname". Mr. Johnson you must get a thrill typing away as if you have no education to spell acting like your a ol' fashioned Yankee. Secondly, I have no intention of leaving N'dakinna, contrary to what some folks would hope that I would do. All these Incorporation- oriented wannabe "Bands" and or "Tribes" of alleged so-called "Abenakis in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts are simply not Bands or Tribes of anything legitimate. They may call their Inc.'s Abenaki this or that. They may have issued "Membership Cards", solicit Grants etc, and run Food Pantry like endeavors but ANYONE can "incorporate", issue membership cards, put out a Food Pantry, claim to be perpetuating Abenaki history both historically and contemporarily, etc. That doesn't substantiate that these "groups" so called Leaders (or representatives) are genuinely and genealogically connected to the legitimate Abenaki Peoples. Oh and these so called "Chiefs" are merely Presidents of their Incorporation's/ a.k.a. business agents or the like. It's like this question lingers: the egg (a historical cohesive continuous Abenaki COMMUNITY) or the chicken (created Incorporations brought into reality since the mid 1970's by going to the State issued papers, and then membership lists/cards, Food Pantry's, etc.) Anyone stupid enough to assume otherwise, just read this blog from beginning to end, you will find out that for years, these various Incorporations crop up like weeds and change every now and then their so called "Non-Profit Agents". Now isn't it interesting that whoever this person (supposedly a Mr. Johnson) is on this "other" blog, is still putting out their stupidity claiming that allegedly I am like some mad slobberin' hound dog chewin' & killin' chickens (Abenakis) and inferring that in the end, I will be all alone and will run back to Washington State, because supposedly this land and these groups I allegedly am not familiar with. Wishful thinking on anyone's part....... Documentation is what it is no matter what my commentary on such is. It is here for ANYONE to review. It really speaks for itself in the end, no matter what I have to say about any of it, or about anyone else!
I have MUCH MORE documention to PROVE my position and WHY I have created this blog in the first place. Sure, folks would just love if I just shut up, stopped exposing their deceit, and deception. They claim stupidly that I work for the GOVT. They claim I work with Paul Pouliot. They claim that this blog is disgusting and crap. Well, it is THEIR documented historical records. They say that it is my "behavior" that seperates me from them, not anything else. Why?, because I am showing ALL PEOPLE the historical records of each of these groups claiming today to represent and BE the Abenaki People of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts? Interesting, their way of "setting the Abenaki record straight". How can they deny the truth of their own created historical record documentations?! By trying to infer that I am some mean old hound dog who kills Keni Reds and then more chickens until there are none left?! Oh, gosh I am laughing some more. Sure, I love Chicken for Sunday suppers, but not every day.
Anonymous on September 22, 2009 8:02 PM said:
Ain’t been able to keep up on what’s been agoingon, been terrible busy here on the farm. Sorry state of affairs going on.I got me a hound dog some time ago when a fella who moved out here from Washington state had to get a rid of it so he could move into one of them govmnet apartments. Nice dog it was, kinda happy and some excited about sniffing around here and looking for other doggies like him. I took Dog and a set him up on the farm and said “Dog, you’ll have a home here as long as you be good” . Even fed him in the house, instead of outside, and the neighbors even fed him when he was awandering around, Aunt Doris even made him a nice collar with a nice dog tag on it. Tried to make him comfortable here figuring must be hard for the pup to be away from the place he was bred and born. Dog was settling in mighty fine and came friendly with the chickens. Didn’t matter to him what kinda chicken, my Keni Reds (they’s got papers) or the plain old chickens who been scratching here for bout 10,000 years give or take. The chickens tolerated Dog, they knew he weren’t no chicken but never paid no mind. One day Dog got acting kinda funny, snapping at some of the chickens, and after that, some of them chickens wouldn’t have a thing to do with Dog and would just run away if they seen him a coming. Too bad all of em hadn’t done that very thing. Well, Dog got worser and worser, starting to drool and biting more and more. He went first for the old mongrol chickens, chomped them to pieces! And I swear by the good Lord that them Keni Reds were smiling behind their beaks, as they always thought they was a little bit better than their mongrol cousins and was happy to see em chewed up and spit out in a pile of drool and snot. They were a thinking that ole Dog never bit THEM before and they kept a clucking and scratching in the dirt, never looking behind em. Musta been quite a surpise when Dog pounced and took them down too. When the massacree was done, Dog looked around at all his old buddies, dead and bleeding on the ground, feathers strewn every which way, and the other chickens all run away, and you know what Dog did? He howled and howled, barking and bawling, wondering why he was all alone and where all his chicken friends had gone. I reckon the slobbering fits had taken ahold of his brain and he didn’t even figure out he had either kilt them or chased em off. Pathetic sight , it was. He hung his head real low, and afore I could stop him, he ran off, heading west, tail tucked betweein his legs.Ya know, they’s times dogs don’t set well in a new place, ain’t their land, the air s different and they’s always a looking for the rest of the litter they left behind. Mabe, when he gets back to where he come from, he’ll get better, but good golly, what a mess he’s left behind. Mr. Johnson
MY RESPONSE: As with ANY decent genealogically trained person, I posted and continue to post A LOT of online inquiries. This posting on either www.genforum.com and or www.ancestry.com's message boards was done in (let's see here) January 17, 2002. Since then, I have found much more documentation on this particular ancestral lineage of mine. By putting these inquiries online through these genealogical websites, I have found MANY descendants of the Woodward's and multiple other familial lineages. Obviously, these people who are a part of these Incorporations today would like to try and shut me down, and imply that I am crazy. Well perhaps I am crazy. I know I was crazy to have concluded that Homer St. Francis' "group" or any of these other "groups" out there were legitimately Abenakis in the first place, that they were operating with the honest integrity of the Ancestral Abenakis in mind or heart. More likely, as I know today, its all about the Incorporated Non-Profit PROFITS they line their pockets with! It's about STATUS, It's about EGO, It's about CONTROL, and It's about appropriating an IDENTITY that DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM. Oh and yes, go to the first posting I put on this blog, I think I pretty much mentioned that Mark Leckie (me) = Douglas Lloyd Buchholz (me) is the same person already. I was also Mark Douglas Kingsley and Salmon Raven Deer too. That latter name I legally used for awhile. I have to laugh. Even at myself. (Crazy slobberin' hound dog that I allegedly am, I got to go foam at the muzzle some more and see if I can find some more Chickens in the hen house). But how can they deny that these documents are not their own historical records? Can anyone figure out that "these people" hiding under the name of anonymous and Mr. Johnson are not honest, even to use their real God-given names in full so that they can be directly known? They would rather throw their idiotic stupidity and slander around and then hide behind their computer screens! I have to laugh some more. So are the Abenaki Ancestors laughing, that these people claim to represent. I represent nobody, except myself, using my FULL NAME, LOCATION AND CONTACT INFO. What do these idiots on Abenaki Pride: Settting The Record Straight do, they "hide" and attempt to appear like they can defeat the truth of their own historical records! Oh almost forgot...... ..the telephone number in this old post of January 2002 has changed. It is now 788-2718. Ok, back to putting more of these documents online here on this blog.
Anonymous said... on July 18, 2009 9:54 PM said:
(Mark Leckie is Doug Buchholz)Re: Wood(w)ards being abenaki/Indian/blkft??MLeckie3135 (View posts) Posted: 17 Jan 2002 10:40AM Classification: Query Surnames: Woodward Kwai (Hello);I am just thrilled to hear from someone out there that has heard something in regards to the Woodward's being of Native ancestry. If you can call me please do so this very evening at 603 788-4120. I'll reimburse you for the $$ to do so. I have alot to share with you as well. I have been researching this Woodward ancestry of mine for years as has other folks. My endeavor is to lock down and confirm or perhaps deny the oral history in the Woodward descendants that the ancestry was of (in part?) Indian/Abenaki. Right now I have my stronger side towards the reality that there is Native blood in the Woodwards. But nothing really definitively black and white. I've collected alot of oral history and alot of photographs, connecting to alot of other Woodward descendants. Please do communicate with me asap. I can call you if your comfortable with providing me with your phone number and address. Thankyou again so much for this wonderful reply. I look forward to hearing from you. (I don't care what time of the evening you call....so if its 1 am in the morning feel free to give me a call) Mark Leckie

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