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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

September 29th, 1993 "Native Americans Join Festival" The Littleton Courier Newspaper

I was REALLY tickled to find this newspaper article on microfilm down at the Littleton Public Library as it reveals quite a bit of information. In this article, "Chief-For-Life" Homer St. Francis was escorted by a police cruiser or cruiser's into the town of Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire. They rode in a white limousine, beads, feathers and all!. They stepped out of the limousine, in front of the Thayer's Inn Hotel on main street Littleton (as thats where Nancy Cruger's basement temporary office was, at least in October 1993 and the Chamber of Commerce "booth"/Visitor's Center was located right across from the Thayer's Inn Hotel).
The article goes on to say that Homer St. Francis was "Chief" of the Abenaki Nation and prominent spokesman for Native American rights, was here, dressed in his feathered headress. His bodyguard, Darrell Larocque, was said he was "diplomatic ambassador and sovereign representative of the Abenaki Nation" also was on hand as was Chief Walter Watso, "honorary chief of the Missisquoi" (a tribe of the Abenaki Nation) and chief of the Abenaki of Quebec. Others in the group were spouses and children.
So, not only were these "Diplomatic Ambassador of the Abenaki" Cards being issued, promoted by "Chief" Homer St. Francis and then used by Nancy Millette - Cruger -Lyons, but also by her first cousin Richard Ray Hunt, Darrell Larocque, Dee Brightstar, etc., etc.
Also, representing Vermont Gov. Howard Dean's Commission on Native American Affairs was Native American Mark Mitchell of Barnet, Vermont.
Selectman Katheryn Taylor read a proclamation from Gov. Stephen Merrill, who could not attend. In it he said that this is the first time in the history of the state of New Hampshire that a proclamation has been presented to the Native American community. He proclaimed Sept. 25, 1993 Abenaki Cultural Heritage Day.
So this was the beginning of Nancy's Millette's obtaining many Governor Proclamation's for her Pow-wow events.
Katheryn Taylor also read a proclamation from the Town of Littleton paying tribute to the cultural contribution of the Abenaki whose ancestors "date back ten thousand years." Wow, (2) Proclamations given in one day. No wonder they were all smilling and laughing in the photograph!
Notice the white long-sleeved sweeter that "Chief of the North American Abanaki Nation" was wearing that particular late September day of 1993 and then notice the same attire in the photograph that was on Newton Washurn's shelf in Newt's basketmaking shop. Do the math......Nancy took this and then in July 16th -17th, 1994, while "Chief" Homer and "tribal Judge" Michael "Mike" Delaney were standing there on the sidewalk of Littleton's main street, she "approached" with a framed photograph of her grandfather Reginald Hunt to show Homer St. Francis. "Chief" Homer St. Francis declared to her at being shown this photograph, "by gosh it looks like someone jumped the fence!" and "give her a membership card Mike". So, she got a "Missisquoi Abenaki Membership Card" from this "group" from Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont. She dazzled them, such as Darrell Rechard Laroque, Homer Walter St. Francis, and Michael Delaney, etc., and they were figuring that she could help them in get what they wanted or thought they deserved to have since she had been introduced to the State of N.H. "Officials" and Department Heads down in Concord, to my thinking.
And when Newton Washburn of Bethlehem, New Hampshire was introduced to this bunch of folks from up north in Swanton, Vermont he too recieved a "Missisquoi Abenaki Membership Card" from "Tribal Judge" Michael Delaney! (Some years later though, Newt informed me during the time I was picking up basketmaking from Newt, that such "Membership Card" was null and voided by the so-called "Chief" Homer St. Francis) as had happened to alot of people, including my own "card".

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