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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Remich Park, Littleton New Hampshire Pow-wow July 6-7, 1996

This event I attended, and this is the first time I think I heard this "talk" of so-called "hiding in plain sight". It has been used/ said quite frequently since then by alot of people, to brush away and avoid discussion(s) about the lack of evidence, genealogically or otherwise, about one's claims of having ancestral Western Abenaki from and of Vermont/ New Hampshire documentary evidence. I sometimes wonder if this "hiding-in-plain-sight" concept is simply a matter of denial. Denial of what our ancestral relatives "gave to us as their descendants", that we refuse to accept and acknowledge that they (the ancestors of which we claim) chose the "silence", "the its-no-big-deal-that-we're-Abenaki". Homer St. Francis' "group" claimed "that they were "hiding-in-plain-sight" because of racism, because of discrimination, because of the "Eugenic's Survey of Vermont". I often wonder if these are simply "just excuses" on these people's parts simply because they refuse to accept that their ancestral connections are "alot of things" but it isn't "Missisquoi Abenaki" nor was it "Cowasuck Abenaki", etc. You'll see why I say this as I go along....
It is interesting that in the second part of this newspaper article it states, "As part of the annual gathering of Native Americans, the Town of Littleton, in collaboration with the White Bison Council, will hand out four Native American Awards." The Littleton Town Promoter was Nancy Lee (Millette) Cruger - The Organizer and Promoter of this Pow-wow Event at Remich Park was Nancy Lee (Millette) Cruger - and the "Chief" creator and promoter of the White Bison Council was (you guessed it) Nancy Lee (Millette) Cruger! Oh and these "Proclamations" officially declaring July 6th and 7th as Native American Cultural Weekend in Littleton, New Hampshire was issued by the Governor of New Hampshire, who in all truthfulness "rubber stamped" the document without so much as a glance at the merits or the foundation of these so-called "Governor's Proclamation's". They are a "feel-good" piece of paper, that if your ego is BIG you put it in a frame and hang it on the wall and point to it every time someone comes to visit. If your honest about these "Proclamations", you would hang it above your bathroom toilet! Of course, we know what Nancy Cruger did with her one of many Governor's Proclamations for her Pow-wow events! She was the person who created and promoted the White Bison Council, that she herself "incorporated" and presided over, with her cousin Rick Hunt; etc. How many bonefide real Abenaki do you think attended their White Bison Council meetings? I know that Daryl Laroque, Charlie F. True, her 1st cousin Rick Hunt, and perhaps her relative Rhonda Besaw, and Mary Warren? I betcha dollars to donuts, it was only the invented Abenaki who had their "Cards" that attended. Oh, I am sure "Grand Chief" Walter Watso and perhaps "Grand Chief" Homer St. Francis Sr. had attended a few times to make it all seem legitimate and authentic. Its always good to have a REAL Abenaki from Odanak, Quebec, Canada bring down his "seal/stamp of approval" and make these people's papers appear to be authentic. In factual reality, they were all merely "incorporations" and not authentic Abenaki "Bands" or "Tribes" but merely "organizations" or "Councils" they themselves created and promoted in their endeavors to make the States of Vermont and/ or New Hamphire naively and stupidly think that these "groups" were the real legitimate Abenaki People! I think not. Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger - Lyons created her illusion of being Abenaki, and she promoted her delusions of being Abenaki, what with her "Diplomatic Ambassador Card from Homer St. Francis Sr." that she'd recieved in July or August 20th, 1994!! She created and promoted her "Great-Grandma Flora Una Ana Ingerson-Hunt stories" in the media, and she "attached" this ancestoral relative of her's to a definitive archaeological site in Jefferson, Coos County, New Hampshire....selk-claiming and promoting that her Great-Grandmother Flora Una Ana (really this woman's middle name was "Eunice") was from a 1872-5 Abenaki Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire. It was all an illusion and delusion on her part, sadly said, and the factual documentation will prove this that I will post on this blog! I recommend you folks read "Fox Song" by Joseph Bruchac copyright 1993. Then "follow the postings and newspaper articles of which I post on this blog as it relates to Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger - Lyons. It will all make sense as I go along showing you the real truth about the invented Vermont/ New Hampshire Abenaki.
The photographs are of Nancy (nee: Millette) Cruger in July 2006 (not 1996) in the buckskin regalia.

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