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Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am finding all kinds of "goodies" in my "stuff" this morning...

I found another Newsletter of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi dated Fall 1993. So I will post that here instead of posting, presently, what I had intended to do this morning. I didn't think I had kept all this "stuff" but I am delighted to re-discover it amongst my "archives".
Notice that on Page 1 of this newsletter, under "Chief's Corner" there is a mention of Nancy (nee: Millette) Kruger/ Cruger and her contact information for the July 15, 16, and 17th, 1994 Abenaki Cultural Heritage weekend in Litteton, New Hampshire. As I stated previously, in 1993 the book by Joseph Bruchac entitled "Fox Song" was copyright and distributed to bookstores; etc. It was in 1993 that she began to reinvent herself into being an Abenaki. On page 2 of this newsletter, Homer St. Francis Sr. says that they got a new van donated for the youth group and elderly. Some computers and a fax machine were donated as well. Did they ever do anything for themselves or did they have most everything donated to them up there in Swanton, Vermont? Homer St. Francis was on Chemotherapy for cancer.
On page 3, again you will see the names of Mark Mitchell, Dee Brightstar, Tomas Obomsawin (notice is not Abomsawin), and April St. Francis. Yet again they begin issuing new Abenaki ID Cards. There was a fee, of I think $10.00 dollars for processing the new cards. Howard F. Knight Jr. was "selling" his membership cards over in the eastern part of the State of Vermont. Ralph Swett over in Evansville, Vermont also had his "cards". These issuing of "membership cards" was good monetary business I guess. Takes about $5.00 dollars for the materials and one could charge $10.00 dollars processing fee. Hey, thats $5.00 dollars free, of which to line the pocket of a self created, and self promoting "Abenaki Chief". Homer St. Francis Sr. claimed and concluded that all other "groups" were illegitimate. ONLY his was the real deal. Again, he assumed that he was representing ALL ABENAKI PEOPLE, which was hardly the reality or the truth. Oh, and indeed if one could get genealogically verified Abenaki descendants to "follow" you as a self created/ promoted "Abenaki Chief", it props such a "Chief" as alledgedly being "legitimate". No need to look at the "Chief's" genealogical background, because the genealogically verified Abenaki descendants "who think a membership card" is going to make them more "Abenaki" support and follow the "Chief". Go figure.
On page 5, again Homer St. Francis is asking for money to make the morgage on Brunswick Springs. I just wonder where all those "donations" really went to? Making the morgage payment, or lining someone else's pocket? The Abenaki Language Classes were being conducted by Elder Cecile Wawanolett via a grant written by Daisy Goodman. Cecile was getting $150.00 for each trip she made south of the Border, coming down from her Abenaki community of Odanak, Quebec, Canada. She was a very dear and cherished Elder by those who knew her, including myself. Tsonakwa, or Gerard as his first name is, came to Swanton Vermont in May 1994 and I was there attending his Stone carving workshop, in the company of Dee Brightstar.

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