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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brunswick Springs a.k.a N'biz8bek Photographs; etc.

Here is an older RRPC (Real Photographic Postcard) of Brunswick Springs, in Brunswick, Vermont ca. 1910 I think. I bought it from the Potato Barn Antiques up the Connecticut River some years ago. Then there's the color photographs of N'biz8nbek (Medicine Waters) that I took several years ago too.
Around this time of August/September 1994 Edward "Ed" Verge went to "Grandmother" Doris Minckler, the Swanton appointed Medicine woman and subsequently he (Ed Verge) was alledgedly appointed "caretaker" of Brunswick Springs by Doris Minckler. He had "issues" with "Treehawk" a.k.a. Joseph Pelltier, Carlene Pelletier's son who was staying at the "Springs" under the arrangement and "o.k." from Homer St. Francis, to have his companion/wife have their infant son there at the Springs. Ed Verge wanted Treehawk to leave the Brunswick Springs Property asap. Well, anyway, Ed Verge was in an alledged relationship with a woman by the name of Penelope Newcomb over in Orleans County, Vermont and she had "Stock's" and/ or "Bond's" in some Telephone Company. $100,000.00 dollars worth of Blue Chips as they call them. She donated that amount, giving it to Edward Verge "to save Brunswick Springs", as a downpayment for obtaining that property. That was 1/2 (half) the selling price of $200,000.00 dollars. It was a nice gesture.
As it reads on page 15 of this August newsletter, if they (meaning the Swanton group led by Homer St. Francis) could raise (get) $50,000.00 towards the remaining payment, the other $50,000.00 dollar payment is pretty much guaranteed.
This is where the Pequot's donation of $50,000.00 comes into the picture, and Nancy Lee Millette "claims" (in later email communication's) that she was the one who got that "donation" from the Pequot People, for Brunswick Springs.
So my question is this, if they got $100,000.00 from Penelope Newcomb, and the $50,000.00 from the Pequot's, and that was "matched" by some other funding source......well then, how much did Homer and his group really pay towards obtaining Brunswick Springs? Where did the donations of money go that members of their group and or the public contribute really go towardsThe morgage, the taxes on this property, or into Homer's pockets? Where is the accountability for all that fund raising?
Also around this timeframe, Tom Obomsawin was going by the spelling of his last name as "Abomsawin", in his fight to stay living behind Doris Minckler's place next to the Stone Quarry then called Shelburne Limestone Corporation. He said he had "verbal agreement" and the accuser stated that the Obomsawin's were living in the mobile home without permission whatsoever, and were asked to leave, and would not do so, when asked.
Well, a little bit of "history" is in order about how Daisy Goodman and Thomas/ Tomas Obomsawin/ Abomsawin came to be residents in Swanton, Vermont. I'll work that out in my next blog posting.

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