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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Part 3 ~ Jean Ouimet Descendant Genealogical Records: Regarding Frederick M. Wiseman and R. Kent Ouimette, Etc:

On Page 6 of this blog post, Notice that R. (Rudolphe) Kent Ouimette (according to another Phillips -Jerome descendant researcher) had two daughters by Kathy Joyce (nee: Phillips), though not married.

My point in addressing this particular genealogical dynamic, is that when one looks at the Incorporation Documents for the Eastern Woodlands Band of the Abenaki Nation, Inc. ~ Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc.....Rudolphe Kent Ouimette and Richard "Blackhorse" Wilfred Phillips were not just allied politically (perhaps living in the same household?) but also it would seem these two families were genealogically connected as well.

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